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  • Session 5: Exercise Answers

    1. This phonograph [a '57 Magnavox] set me back 250 bucks.

    2. It's true that John graduates from college next June.

    3. A milk-can blocks every exit at James More's Dairy.

    4. The people that have the cozy cottage on Willmot Road like rather huge trees..

    5. My wreck of a desk looks as if it came from Italy with the Pilgrims.

    6. We'll go on a plane but, for the sake of economy, we'll return on a bus.

    7. The play which is at the Auditorium is just a run-of-the-mill melodrama.

    8. I shall not help you with the essay, for that is not quite fair.

    9. The husky junior halfback made the field goal that won the game.

    10. That language is very crude and, for a fact, I hope you will retract it.

    11. It'll provide me with ample funds for the trip if I take that small sum from my safety deposit box.

    12. The plane rose 15,000 feet--a safe altitude for that region.

    13. The objective of the naval campaign is twofold, the blockade of the ports of the foe and the removal of the foe's fleet.

    14. Bob's dad--Bob Sr.--can be home for the class of '59 reunion.

    15. The college boys' favorite game is Trivial Pursuit.

    16. I will live with and provide for this dog for two weeks--not a bit more.

    17. If you make a will, I hope you'll not give Tim that very nice still from the 1920's.

    18. "That's an out-and-out lie!", cries the pretty actress at the tall actor at the left side of the set.

    19. Self-knowledge is as important as a "can-do" attitude.

    20. So few people have us help with the small jobs that only take a few weeks.

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