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  • Session 8: Double-letter part-word Contractions

    This section discusses six part-word contractions that are, with the exception of one "outsider", double-letters:

    bb 23 cc 25
    dd 235 ff 235
    gg 2356 ea 2

    The key thing to notice about all of these contractions is that they are formed using only lower-cell dots (2-3-5-6), and as such, look like punctuation marks. The rules, reviewed below, are fairly straightforward, but caution must be used in not using these contractions where they might be confused as punctuation marks!

    1. Double-letter contractions bb, cc, dd, ff, and gg and the Contraction ea
      1. Are subject to the general rules for the use of contractions and to the rules for lower-sign contractions.
      2. May be used only between letters and/or contractions within a word. May never begin or end a word.
        ru(bb)(ed) g(gg)s ea(ch)
        sni(ff)s m(ea)n ea(st)
        tea cuff add

      3. May not overlap a major syllable division, but may overlap a minor syllable division if this does not obscure recognition of the word.
        dumbbell a(ff)ect wiseacre
        di(gg)(er) readju(st) oc(ea)n
        a(cc)ept cr(ea)te p(er)mea(ble)
        h(ea)dress id(ea)s a(gg)regate
        a(dd)ress mileage efface

      4. May never be in contact with the apostrophe or the hyphen.
        diff'r(en)t ebb-tide a(dd)(ed).
        (sh)(er)iff's cuff-l(in)k add-
        s(ou)'ea(st) cr(ea)te sea-isl(and)
        e(gg)plant egg-

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