(Table 3)

3.1. Clef signs are routinely omitted in braille music transcription. However, in music transcribed for the benefit of the blind teacher with sighted pupils, when facsimile copy may be desirable, it is recommended that the clefs used in the print be marked in the braille copy. (See Example 3.3-1.)

3.2. The note following a clef sign must always have its proper octave mark.

Modified Clef Signs

3.3. When print clefs are included in the braille transcription and the part for one hand moves into the staff allotted to the other, the modifications given in Table 3 are substituted for the normal clef signs in that hand.
Example 3.3-1


3.3.1. (11-97) In a facsimile transcription, accidentals should be re-marked after a modified clef sign. These added accidentals should be preceded by dot 5.

Example 3.3.1-1.


(For the use of modified clef signs in Bar-over-Bar see Par. 28.12.)