BRL: Braille through Remote Learning


BRL: Perky Duck

Duxbury Systems has created a new six-key braille emulator program, entitled "Perky Duck". Designed specifically for distance learning programs such as ours. This tool allows students to create braille files using a computer. These files can then be sent to an instructor via email for evaluation.

Here is a brief description:

Perky Duck is a computer based Perkins brailler emulator. It is designed to be used for distance education programs, particularly Internet-based situations. It allows users to create electronic braille files on their computer through six key input. These braille files can then be printed, embossed or emailed to an instructor, proctor, etc. for examination and grading. Perky Duck has no translation capabilities and very little formatting -- essentially space bar, back space, and return key.

NOTE! Perky Duck can be downloaded from the Duxbury Systems website by clicking on the "Duxbury Systems" link above to get to the Braille Products page. Click on the "All Products" link to see a listing of Duxbury's offerings. Locate and click the "Perky Duck Download" link Located in the Freeware section of the page. Please read user requirements before downloading and using the program.