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  • Radicals and Radical Indicators
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  • Fractions and Fraction Indicators

    General Principles: Although the numerator and denominator of a fraction may be separated by a horizontal or a diagonal fraction line, unless otherwise stated the fraction should be transcribed linearly so that the numerator, the fraction line, and the denominator are written horizontally across one braille line.

    The spacing before and after a fraction is subject to the spacing rules for the signs preceding or following the fraction. In addition, no space should be left between a fraction and a letter, a numeral, a sign of grouping, a braille indicator, or another fraction when these items are unspaced in print and are part of the same expression.

    Simple Fractions: A simple fraction is one in which neither the numerator nor the denominator is a fraction. A fraction is also considered a simple fraction when its numerator or denominator contains fractions at the superscript or subscript level only.

    Simple Fraction Indicators
    Opening dots 1-4-5-6
    Closing dots 3-4-5-6
    Fraction Lines Used With Simple Fractions
    Horizontal Simple
    Fraction Line ___
    dots 3-4
    Diagonal Simple
    Fraction Line /
    dots 4-5-6dots 3-4

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