Braille slate



  • Table 1: Basic Signs
  • Table 2: Clefs
  • Table 3: Accidentals, Key
    and Time signatures

  • Table 4: Rythmic Groups
  • Table 5: Chords
  • Table 6: Slurs and Ties
  • Table 7: Tremolos
  • Table 8: Fingering
  • Table 9: Bar lines and repeats
  • Table 10: Nuances
  • Table 11: Ornaments
  • Table 12: Theory
  • Table 13: Modern Notation
  • Table 14: General Organization
  • Table 15: Keyboard Music
  • Table 16: Vocal Music
  • Table 17: String Instruments
  • Table 18: Winds & Percussion
  • Table 19: Accordion

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  • Table 11- Ornaments

    Trill [IT. trillo; F. cadence, tremblement; G. Triller; Sp. trino]
    Appoggiatura [It.] [F. port de voix; G. Vorschlag; Sp. apoyadura]
    Short appoggiatura (formerly: grace note)
    Turn [It. fioritura; F. double, cadence, double cadence;
    G. Doppelschlag; Sp. grupito] between notes
    Turn above or below a note
    Inverted turn between notes
    Inverted turn above or below a note
    Before an accidental, inflected lower note of ornament
    Short trill, [short shake, pralltriller, inverted, i.e., upper, mordent]
    Extended short trill, shake or pralltriller
    Mortent [It. mordente; F. mordant (pince, pincement); Sp. mortiente]
    Extended mordent
    Arpeggio up
    Upward arpeggio through two or more staves
    Arpeggio down
    Downward arpeggio through two or more staves

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