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  • Repeats and Bar Lines

    Bar Lines

    Bar lines are quite straightforward:

    Heavy double bar (shown at the end of the piece or movement):

    Light double bar (shown at the end of a section):

    Bar lines are brailled after the last measure without a space. If more measures appear after a light double bar, a space is placed between the light double bar and the next measure.


    The repeat sign -- is used in braille music to indicate that the preceding measure is repeated exactly. The repeat sign is preceded and followed by a space:

    You can also use the repeat sign to replicate the first half of the measure:

    Repeat signs can also be used to replicate chords, which will be presented in the reading on chords. Music also has repeats, indications that a specific section of the music is repeated for some number of times.

    The music notation and their braille equivalents are shown in the table below:

    Print Music
    Braille Music
    First ending
    Second ending
    Da Segno, repeat from the sign
    Da Capo, repeat from the beginning
    D.S. al Fine

    A simple example shows several of the notations shown in the table:

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