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  • Ties and Slurs


    Ties are notations in music in which two notes (usually the same note) are "tied" between two measures. In the example below, the E at the end of the first measure is "tied" to the E at the measure of the second, giving it a sense of being a half note.

    Single note tie
    Chord tie

    An example and its braille notation:


    Slurs are notations that indicate to the musician that the music is to be sung or played smoothly. In braille music, you can have a "short" slur and a "long" slur. A short slur if the slur covers four or less notes, and a long slur covers five or more notes.

    The basic notation is shown in the table below:

    Short slur
    . . . . . Long slur
    . . . . . Bracket slur

    Some examples:

    1. Simple slurs, no more than four notes each:

    2. Long slur covering eleven notes. There are actually two techniques to handle this: the first shows the use of doubling, and the second shows the use of the bracket slur

    3. Several short slurs and a long slur. Notice that when you have "overlapping" slurs, the bracket slur sign is used instead of the "doubling" technique.

    4. Overlapping slurs (ending on one note, another slur starting on that ending note). As in example 2 above, there are two choices on how to braille this, the first with brackets and the second with doubling of single slurs:

    5. In Example 5, we see a long slur overlapping two tied quarter notes. We only show this brailled using bracket notation, but you could also use doubling of single slurs.

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