New International Manual
of Braille Music Notation



  • Table 1: Basic Signs
  • Table 2: Clefs
  • Table 3: Accidentals, Key
    and Time signatures

  • Table 4: Rythmic Groups
  • Table 5: Chords
  • Table 6: Slurs and Ties
  • Table 7: Tremolos
  • Table 8: Fingering
  • Table 9: Bar lines and repeats
  • Table 10: Nuances
  • Table 11: Ornaments
  • Table 12: Theory
  • Table 13: Modern Notation
  • Table 14: General Organization
  • Table 15: Keyboard Music
  • Table 16: Vocal Music
  • Table 17: String Instruments
  • Table 18: Winds & Percussion
  • Table 19: Accordion

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  • Table 6: Slurs and Ties

    A. Slurs

    c Slur between two notes or chords
    cc c Phrasing slur over more than four notes or chords
    ;b ^2 Phrasing slur over more than four notes or chords
    ;b ^ 2 Beginning and end of phrasing slurs on one note
    ,c Beginning and end of short slur on one note
    _c Slur from one in-accord part to another
    "c Slur from one staff to another
    @l Straight line between staves for voice leading
    .@ l End of straight line
    "l c Slur added by an editor in print
    ; c Slur that does not end on a note
    ;c Slur for short appoggiatura; "grace-note slur" in some countries
    .; c Slur that does not come from a note
    @2 Half phrase
    @a Glissando

    B. Ties

    @c Single-note tie
    .c Chord tie (two or more voices are tied )
    ^c Accumulating arpeggio

    C. More Slurs and Ties for Use
    in Section-by-section Formats

    ._ c Slur from another in-accord part
    ." c Slur from another staff
    _@ c Single-note tie between in-accord parts
    "@ c Single note tie between staves
    _. c Chord tie between in-accord parts
    ". c Chord tie between staves

    To clarify that the sign is "from"
    ._ @c Single-note tie from another in-accord
    ." @c Single note tie from another staff
    ._ .c Chord tie from another in-accord
    ." .c Chord tie from another staff

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