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  • Print Headings Example

    Example of print headings, found on page 293 of the textbook. The paragraphs are block indented. The braille also uses boxed notation, which will be described in a later session, but should be fairly self-explanatory in this setting. In this example, centered headings are used for "Chapter 4 Verbs" (placed on the same line). The transcriber in this case has placed "Lesson 1" and "Action and Being Verbs" on separate lines, since in some of the lessons, the words following "Lesson" are too long to be placed on a single line, so in an effort to be consistent, two lines are used. The sentence "A verb is a .." is boxed, and the rule for headings states that no blank line is placed before a heading that follows a page change indicator, top box line, or top table line.

    Chapter 4


    Lesson 1 Action and Being Verbs

    A verb is a word used to express action or being.

    The moon travels around the earth.
    The moon is a satellite.

    In each of these sentences, the subject is moon. The moon travels and the moon is. Travels expresses action. Is expresses being. Both these words are verbs.

    Most verbs express action. Think of action words that can be used to tell what Sandy does and what bells do.

    Look at the braille equivalent in a separate window.

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